About us

The idea for KongWalther arose in late summer 2019, when our son, Walther, was born. We were first-time parents, and had no idea of ​​all the equipment and accessories you needed to have to make everyday life easier with such a little one - but we quickly found out.

Winter came quickly, and our long pram trips in the community park on Osterbro suddenly became not as pleasant as the lovely late summer - and suddenly we got the idea for the Osterbro glove.

A glove that had to sit on the handlebars of the pram, so that it was always with you on trips - even when the sun was shining when you left home, but the cold took over - and you had no gloves with you.

That's why we started KongWalther at the beginning of 2020, when the Osterbro glove became our first product, and the product you definitely associate with KongWalther - since then more products have been added, and we are constantly getting new ideas.

With our products, we want to make everyday life just a little bit easier for all parents, so everything is created with love and a lot of testing on ourselves and our friends.

KongWalther is a small family business founded by Mathias Kastrup and Tine Land.

Med venlig hilsen
Tine, Walther & Mathias

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