KW Diaper

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The KongWalther cloth diaper is a bamboo-based organic and super soft cloth diaper with many benefits and different uses - as it is larger than a normal cloth diaper.
Use it as a light duvet on a hot summer day, to swaddle baby after a bath or even as a sarong for Mammi.

As it is made from a bamboo quality, it has unique benefits such as
- Breathable
- Super absorbent
- Gentle on the skin
- Free from chemicals
- Hypoallergenic
- Anti bacterial and odorless
- UV resistant

In addition, bamboo is a highly eco-friendly plant that is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to cotton - not only because of its amazing properties, but especially because of its environmental friendliness.

The KongWalther cloth diaper is one of my absolute favorites in the changing bag ❤

Worth knowing:
Dimensions: 130 x 125 cm.
70% bamboo 30% organic cotton.